Why Get Dental Implants?

I am missing a lot of teeth

You may be wearing a partial denture and you probably have lost your teeth for quite awhile. This means that you may have lost a significant amount of jawbone. Jawbone begins to diminish whenever a tooth is lost and the longer you have been missing the tooth, the more jawbone you will have lost.

Dental implants require a certain amount of jawbone so you may need a bone graft procedure prior to implant placement. There are many techniques to add jawbone and Dr. Li is familiar with all the common and predictable procedures. Sometimes, the implants can be placed at the same time as the bone graft. Other times, the bone graft will be done first and the implants will be placed 6 months later. Bone grafting surgery does cause minor discomfort but it is better done sooner than later. The longer you wait, the more bone you will lose which will mean that the bone graft procedure will become more difficult, more uncomfortable and more expensive.

The number of implants that you need varies from case to case but in general, you need more implants at the back of the mouth than the front of the mouth due to higher bite forces at the back.

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