Why Get Dental Implants?

I am missing all of my teeth.

You will need to decide between clipping your dentures onto dental implants or getting teeth that are secured to implants in your mouth. Teeth that are secured in your mouth give you more confidence and allow for better chewing but are harder to clean. Dentures that clip onto dental implants are significantly more secured than the dentures that you have now but the clips do wear off over time and may need to be replaced on a semi-regular basis. There are some other factors such as esthetics, phonetics and anatomy which can affect your choice and are best discussed in person at a consultation.

As it is likely that you have lost your teeth for awhile, significant jawbone may have been lost so bone grafting is a possibility. There are techniques to avoid bone grafting such as expansion of bone and tilting of implants but they are case-dependent. These techniques may be referred to as all on four or teeth in a day. Dr. Li does provide this type of treatment and can discuss all options with you providing the advantages and disadvantages of each. It is possible in some cases to have all your teeth removed, implants placed and permanent bridges placed on the same day.

The number of implants needed per jaw ranges from 4-10 implants. It does depend on your choice of dentures or secured teeth, the quality of your bone, the quantity of your bone, esthetic considerations and your budget.

During your free consultation, Dr. Li can give you a variety of options tailored to your budget and lifestyle goals.

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