3D Imaging

At our office, we offer 3 dimensional xrays which allow for more accurate diagnosis and planning of implant cases. We have the latest Planmeca unit which is known for quality imaging, durability, and low radiation. This scanner model has the ability to vary the size of scan taken and the radiation dosing. This means that if all you want to look at is 1-2 teeth, the patient does not need to be exposed to extra radiation. It also can be set to take the entire upper and lower jaw in a single scan.

Radiation dosing effects young patients the most. In most cases, please recommend a full scan for your adult patients as the quality and quantity of the information is much better than small field scans.

Dosing information:


Effective Dose –
High dose: 128 uSv Low dose: 28 uSv

Normal Panorex: 19uSv

Pauwels R, et al. Effective dose range for dental cone beam computed tomography scanners. Eur J Radiol (2011), doi:10.1016/j.ejrad.2010.11.028

Average radiation (US) from natural sources per year: 3000 uSv
Frederiksen Nl. X-Rays: What is the Risk? Texas Dental Journal. 1995;112(2):68-72

We welcome referrals for 3d imaging (CBCT). Please email/fax the referral form below and have the patient call to make an appointment:

CBCT Referral Form

Instructions on how to open a CBCT USB Key

Sample CBCT print out