Oral Implantology Study Club

Constantly growing, the Oral Implantology Study Club is now divided into 3 components:

  • workshop sessions,
  • evening seminars,
  • and surgery sessions.

Workshop Sessions

Open to all study club members, workshop sessions are one day sessions that are usually held on Saturdays. Every year, many different workshop topics are covered, such as anterior esthetics, practice management, dental technology, and different types of bone grafting techniques. The sessions consist of lectures, demonstration surgeries, and hands on components.




Fall 2021 Schedule: 

Sept 14th (Evening) – Dr. Kirk Sutton – Implant Prosthetic Design  This program was moved (several times) from last year.   Dr. Sutton will be discussing prosthetic treatment planning from single teeth to full arch cases.   Many of you have asked for this topic.  Material choice, angulated screw channel, use of pink, open tray versus closed tray versus intraoral scanning, how to determine passive fit, anterior implant crowns versus posterior ones etc.   This is the evening to ask your questions.

Oct 2nd  (full day) – Jill Bashutski – Sinus grafting  Dr. Michael Yang (Anterior implant esthetics) was previously booked but cancelled last minute due to family illness and a new addition to his family.   He is to be rescheduled sometime next year.   Dr. Bashutski is very nice to take this spot and speak on sinus grafting.  This is a popular topic and I hope it may give you a different perspective from the way I teach it.  The exact logistics of this program is not finalized.  It will likely be all didactic as sinus grafting is not conducive to hands on.  If the lecture portion is only in the morning, there may be an opportunity for assisted cases in the afternoon.  Having said that, a variety of sinus grafting procedures are regularly scheduled in our assisted-surgery sessions.

October 23rd  (full day) – Richard Miron – Current PRF research and techniques – BioHeat Technology This was rescheduled from June this year.  In the past, he has brought lots of equipment so there may be an opportunity to try drawing blood on a fellow study club member (or me) on that day.

Nov 9th (evening) – Dr. Frederick Li – Bone graft and socket grafting review – This program was moved from Oct 26th to better space out the dates.  The intention is to review basic bone grafting concepts and to give my view on socket grafting after Dr. Bashutski’s hands on program earlier this year.

Nov 20th (full day).  Dr. Mark Bishara – Socket shielding with hands on   I am excited and happy to book this one.  This is a requested and popular topic.  I will arrange with him to get the models beforehand for the zoom attendees to pick up.   Dr. Scott Martyna OMFS  (Guided Surgery) was previously scheduled for this date.  He has “last minute” cancelled a couple times.  He is booked next year but we will see.

Dec 9th (evening) Dr. Frederick Li – Year end Party  I will present a short lecture on a variety of short topics.  Exact topics to be decided closer to the date but can include:  mini-implants, how I use Densah drills, abbreviated full arch treatment planning, and prosthetic complications.  Lecture will start later, around 7:15pm for those attending on zoom.

Surgery Sessions

These days are opportunities for attendees to bring in their own patients for a variety of procedures including simple implant placement, bone grafting, sinus lifts, sinus augmentations and immediate load cases. Dr. Li assists all cases personally providing a one-on-one learning experience unlike other study clubs. For attendees with 3-4 cases, a private session is also available. If booking a new technique (ie sinus lift) for the first time, please attend the appropriate workshop session first.



Most workshops and evening seminars are held at 2nd floor- 225 W 8th Ave, Vancouver.

Surgery sessions are held at Dr. Frederick Li’s office at 1115-750 W Broadway, Vancouver.

2021 Study Club Brochure

2020 Study Club Brochure

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