Dr. Frederick Li regularly partners with referral dentists in Vancouver BC to provide extractions, bone grafting, and dental implant placement procedures.

Dr. Li is also available to provide an educated second opinion for difficult dental cases as well as initial consultation appointments for patients. Unless requested otherwise, the referral doctor will complete the implant restoration.

3 easy ways to become a referring dentist

  1. Complete the online referral form.
  2. Download the fax referral form (27k pdf). Simply fill it out and fax it to our office, indicating whether the patient will contact us or if we are to contact the patient.
  3. Send us an email (info@DrFrederickLi.com) to request more information.

Benefits to Becoming a Referring Dentist

  • Dr. Frederick Li can provide implant prosthetic training for you and your staff at his office. Please Call to enquire.
  • Referral dentists affiliated with Dr. Li will also receive free implant prosthetic components and the opportunity to enroll in limited-seating prosthetic courses and study clubs.

For more information

For more information regarding cost, duration, wait times, pain levels, sedation and more please contact the office: contact Dr. Frederick Li today.

  • Basic Information for Referrals
  • Basic Information of Dental Implant Occlusion
  • Instructions of Closed Tray Impressions and Crown Inserts for NobelActive Implants