Read through the testimonials and reviews for Dr. Frederick Li

“Some years ago, Dr. Li installed six implants in my lower jaw to replace molars that had been extracted due to faulty root canal work. I was extremely impressed with the very thorough, understandable explanation that Dr. Li gave of the complete procedure, and the caring and very precise method Dr. Li used throughout the process. At no time did I feel any discomfort when the implants were put into my jawbone. The temporary plate I was using at the time was carefully reshaped to accommodate the implants. After some months the crowns were made and attached. I have been so impressed with the excellence of the teeth I now have: far easier to care for than my original teeth that were too crowded for proper hygiene. I can chew any and all foods, and using a floss threader, can maintain my gums in good condition. I highly recommend Dr. Li’s expertise as a specialist in dental implants.”

– Anonymous

“I made an appointment for a consultation on work I put off for years. Dr. Li explained four different options and the pros and cons of each. I was very comfortable with the consultation and asked if a procedure could be done that day. Dr Li was able to accommodate me and I am thrilled with the results. I am very pleased with the information and care given and especially pleased with the end result. ”


“I wanted to thank you all for the care that you have shown my mother.  Given the very unique circumstances of her health, it is so nice to know that there are individuals such as yourself and Dr. Li that have made the process of restoring her dental health possible.  Thank you.”

– A.G.

“Just a note to let you know, how happy I am with your excellent service from consultation to implementation.  It was a job very well done and would recommend Dr. Li and Erin to anyone needing an implant.”

– P.T.

“I found your course outstanding. The course was well-organized and carefully guided me into my first implant placement. The learning environment was very friendly and I feel confident to now place implants in simple cases at my own office.”

– Dr. Jessey Minhas

“Most practical implant surgical instruction course I have taken, and Dr. Li is not only a good experienced implant surgeon, but also an outstanding teacher and mentor.”

– Dr. James Hsia

“Excellent dentist! I’ve never been so pleased! I would highly recommend!”