Oral Surgery

Dr Frederick Li practices aspects of oral surgery from removal of impacted wisdom teeth to bone grafting prior to dental implant placement for dental patients in Vancouver, BC. All treatment is planned with a comprehensive and clear consultation so the patient is aware of all treatment options and consequences. Communication with the patient is the emphasis during any oral surgery treatment in Vancouver and any discomfort is dealt with immediately for a pain-free experience.

Tooth Removal

It is always unfortunate to have to lose a tooth. A thorough debridement of infectious tissue and the tooth “ligament” always accompanies tooth removal for complete healing. It is important to note that there are consequences to tooth removal. Teeth are important for your overall health. They allow you to chew, they support your facial structures and they are part of your smile. It is almost always recommended to replace your teeth (except for wisdom teeth) as if you don’t, you will lose jaw bone, chewing ability, change in facial shape and an overall deterioration in your oral health.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Dr. Frederick Li recommends wisdom tooth consultations for Vancouver residents from as early as 16 years of age. Early removal of wisdom teeth is advised due to rapid healing, less post-surgery discomfort and less risk of complications. Though your wisdom teeth may not have come out nor be causing any discomfort, it is still, in most cases, advisable to have them removed. Impacted wisdom teeth can become infected at any time and cause extreme discomfort including possible hospitalization. Removal later on in life carries far greater risks and slower healing for patients.


For anxious patients, we offer sedation with triazolam, a drug in the same family as valium.
Please consult with Dr. Li for more information.