Oral Implantology Study Club

Constantly growing, the Oral Implantology Study Club is now divided into 3 components:

  • workshop sessions,
  • evening seminars,
  • and surgery sessions.

Workshop Sessions

Open to all study club members, workshop sessions are one day sessions that are usually held on Saturdays. Every year, many different workshop topics are covered, such as anterior esthetics, practice management, dental technology, and different types of bone grafting techniques. The sessions consist of lectures, demonstration surgeries, and hands on components.




Spring And Summer Schedule: 

March 7, 2023 (Evening) – Dr. Frederick Li: Basic Implant Prosthetics with Complications This program will be more than open tray versus closed tray. Digital impressions, tips on inserts, fixed versus cement-retained and complications will all be discussed.

April 14-15, 2024 (Full Day) – Dr. Mark Bishera: All on X – Full Arch Cases with Hands on Dr. Mark Bishera is back with a program on full arch cases. He will be going through treatment planning and completing full arch cases with both guided and non-guided surgery. Removable options will also be discussed. The second day (Saturday) is a half day doing a hands on portion using the smile-in-a-box protocol. This is a much requested topic. Dr. Bishera offers a very organized program and was very well received last year when he spoke on socket shielding.

May 16, 2023 (Evening) – Dr. Dr. Frederick Li: Basic Lateral Bone Grafting and Socket Grafting  Often, keeping things simple is the best way to treat a case. Learn basic lateral bone grafting and socket grafting. We have had plenty of speakers on advanced bone grafting techniques but as we add more components and complex techniques to each case, failures can become even more spectacular.

June 23-24, 2023 (Full day) – Dr. Sherif Said: Soft Tissue Grafting and Bone Grafting Review  Dr. Said is returning to give a program on soft tissue grafting with emphasis on soft tissue management around dental implant sites. The last few years, he has given a couple programs on advanced bone grafting techniques using tenting screws and the Khoury technique. He will review these at your request. The second day is for assisted surgery. Soft tissue cases along with bone grafting cases (as long as you have attended the previous Dr. Said programs) will be accepted.

Surgery Sessions

These days are opportunities for attendees to bring in their own patients for a variety of procedures including simple implant placement, bone grafting, sinus lifts, sinus augmentations and immediate load cases. Dr. Li assists all cases personally providing a one-on-one learning experience unlike other study clubs. For attendees with 3-4 cases, a private session is also available. If booking a new technique (ie sinus lift) for the first time, please attend the appropriate workshop session first.



Most workshops and evening seminars are held at 2nd floor- 225 W 8th Ave, Vancouver.

Surgery sessions are held at Dr. Frederick Li’s office at 1115-750 W Broadway, Vancouver.

2023-Study Club Brochure

2022-Study Club Brochure

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