Oral Implantology Study Club

Constantly growing, the Oral Implantology Study Club is now divided into 3 components:

  • workshop sessions,
  • evening seminars,
  • and surgery sessions.

Workshop Sessions

Open to all study club members, workshop sessions are one day sessions that are usually held on Saturdays. Every year, many different workshop topics are covered, such as anterior esthetics, practice management, dental technology, and different types of bone grafting techniques. The sessions consist of lectures, demonstration surgeries, and hands on components.




Fall and Winter Schedule: 

September 10, 2022 (Full Day) -Michelle Ryckmann – Strategic Approach to Case Presentation: Getting Your Patients to Say “Yes”  Presenting dental treatment to patients can be uncomfortable and often quite intimidating yet is essential for the financial well-being of any dental office. This one-day course is designed to provide an environment of education and support for staff members that are asked to present treatment to patients. Best practices will be discussed and considered, as well as ways to develop in-office protocols that will maximize your chances of success.

October 6, 2022 (Evening) – Dr. Lyle Pidzarko – Chrome Guided Smile Surgery Guided surgery has increased in popularity over the years. For larger cases, there are multiple steps like alveoplasty and insertion of the temporaries that regular guides do not address. Dr. Pidzarko will discuss a milled metal guided surgery option for alveoplasty, implant placement, and positioning of lab-processed temporaries. It is an opportunity to increase the speed and lower the stress associated with full arch cases.

October 15, 2022(Full Day) – Dr. Michael Yang – Anterior Implant Esthetics This program will focus on the single tooth anterior implant. Content on managing adjacent natural teeth and multiple implants will also be discussed. Complications and digital workflow will be included

NOVEMBER 2, 2022 (Evening) – Dr. Frederick Li – Anterior Implant Cases: The Esthetic Zone – Basic steps on planning an anterior implant case.

 NOVEMBER 26, 2022 (Full Day) – TBA 
 DECEMBER 8, 2022 (Evening) – Various Speakers: Different implant systems
A summary of our experience with a variety of implant systems. Decipher different implant
designs and how they reflect the chance of peri-implantits and bone loss, ease of surgical
placement, implant stability, ease of prosthetic steps, and more. A variety of other speakers will
be presenting their experience with different systems.


Surgery Sessions

These days are opportunities for attendees to bring in their own patients for a variety of procedures including simple implant placement, bone grafting, sinus lifts, sinus augmentations and immediate load cases. Dr. Li assists all cases personally providing a one-on-one learning experience unlike other study clubs. For attendees with 3-4 cases, a private session is also available. If booking a new technique (ie sinus lift) for the first time, please attend the appropriate workshop session first.



Most workshops and evening seminars are held at 2nd floor- 225 W 8th Ave, Vancouver.

Surgery sessions are held at Dr. Frederick Li’s office at 1115-750 W Broadway, Vancouver.

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2020 Study Club Brochure

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