Oral Implantology Study Club

Constantly growing, the Oral Implantology Study Club is now divided into 3 components:

  • workshop sessions,
  • evening seminars,
  • and surgery sessions.


Workshop Sessions

Open to all study club members, workshop sessions are one day sessions that are held on Saturdays. Every year, many different workshop topics are covered, such as anterior esthetics, practice management, dental technology, and different types of bone grafting techniques. The sessions consist of lectures, demonstration surgeries, and hands on components.

2018 Schedule: Workshops: 9 am – 4 pm unless otherwise noted

Saturday February 3 and Sunday February 4, 2018: CT Grafting with Hands On Portion, Speaker: Dr. Jill Bashutski

Saturday May 12, 2018: Digital Dentures, Denture Set Up and How it Relates to Implants, Speaker: Dr. Valerie Cooper

Saturday June 9, 2018: PRF with Hands on Portion, Speaker: Dr. Paul Jang

Saturday October 13, 2018: Staff Day, Dental Business Models and Implant Practice Management, Speakers: Chuck Bean, Dr. Frederick Li, Corine Burkhard

Saturday November 17, 2018: Bone Grafting: Socket Grafts and Lateral Bone Grafts, Speaker: Dr. Frederick Li

Evening Seminars

These will be given by a variety of guest speakers

Tuesday January 30, 2018: Implants and Botox Dentistry, Speaker: Dr. Warren Roberts

Tuesday April 24, 2018: Anterior Aesthetics, Speaker: Dr. Frederick Li

Thursday September 13, 2018: PROPEL Orthodontics and Implant Dentistry, Speaker: Dr. Bruce MacFarlane

Tuesday October 23, 2018: How to Evaluate Lab Work, Pink Options and CAD/CAM Limitations, Speaker: Dr. Zsolt Csillag

Tuesday December 4, 2018: Possible Continuation from the Bone Grafting Workshop, Discussion on Short Implants and Open Invitation for Study Club Members to Present, Speaker: Dr. Frederick Li


2019 Schedule: Workshops: 9 am – 4 pm unless otherwise noted

Friday April 12 and Saturday April 13, 2019: CT Grafting with Hands On Portion, Speaker: Dr. Jill Bashutski

Saturday May 25, 2019: Suturing with Hands On Portion, Speaker: Dr. Sherif Said

Friday July 26, 2019: Facial Esthetics with PRF and Other Techniques, Speaker: Dr. Richard Miron

Saturday October 5, 2019: Staff Day

2019’s Most Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics for Dental Practices, Speaker: Jack Hadley

Practice Management in a Digital World, Speaker: Brandelyn Cameron

Managing Patient Complications, Speaker: Dr. Frederick Li

Managing the Dental Implant Practice, Speaker: Corine Burkhard

Saturday November 30, 2019: Osseodensification Training with Hands on Portion, Speaker: Dr. Huwais

Evening Seminars

These will be given by a variety of guest speakers

Thursday January 17, 2019: Anterior Esthetics and When to Temporize Implant Restorations, Speaker: Dr. Thomas Yu

Tuesday February 19, 2019: Treatment Planning the Full Arch Edentulous Case, Speaker: Dr. Kirk Sutton

Wednesday May 8, 2019: Socket Grafting and Lateral Grafting Techniques, Speaker: Dr. Frederick Li

Tuesday September 17, 2019: The Role of Orthodontics in Implant Dentistry, Speaker: Dr. Benjamin Pilska

Wednesday November 6, 2019: Sinus Grafting and Implant Complications, Speaker: Dr. Frederick Li


Surgery Sessions

These days are opportunities for attendees to bring in their own patients for a variety of procedures including simple implant placement, bone grafting, sinus lifts, sinus augmentations and immediate load cases. Dr. Li assists all cases personally providing a one-on-one learning experience unlike other study clubs. For attendees with 3-4 cases, a private session is also available. If booking a new technique (ie sinus lift) for the first time, please attend the appropriate workshop session first.



Most sessions are at the BCDA Learning Centre

2018 Study Club Brochure

2019 Study Club Brochure

For more information, please contact Dr. Frederick Li today.


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