Why Get Dental Implants?

I am missing 1 to 3 teeth at the back of my mouth

These are usually straightforward cases. You will require a 1-2 hr appointment for the implant to be placed. This appointment is not that traumatic and most patients take Advil the day of and may not even require it the next day. After 3-6 months, we will attach your teeth (crowns) to the implants. This will require 2-3 easy appointments and you may not even require anesthetic.

In general, you will need one implant per tooth. If you have been missing your tooth for awhile, you may require a bone graft (adding bone). Jawbone is lost whenever a tooth is lost and the longer you have been missing the tooth, the more jawbone you will have lost.

You may have been given an option by another dentist to replace your teeth with a bridge. A bridge will be installed to cap the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth and bridging the fake teeth in between them. This process involves grinding down your own natural teeth and may hurt them. Furthermore, scientific studies have shown that bridges last about 10 years whereas around 97% of dental implant restorations last about 15-20 years.

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