Why Get Dental Implants?

I am missing my front teeth.

Getting one front tooth or several front teeth broken is very common. Front teeth are very susceptible to accidents and whether it is trauma at a young age or as an adult, losing a front tooth or several front teeth is a traumatic experience. The good news is that dental implants provide a strong, esthetic and long-term solution.

If you are just missing one tooth, there is a good chance that we can extract the root, place the implant AND have a temporary crown made for you all on the same day. The advantage is that you will get your tooth back all in one appointment. You do need to be very careful not to bite on this tooth at anytime nor touch it with your tongue. Sandwiches, chocolate bars, or anything that requires severing with front teeth are not recommended for 6 months. You may wish to cut these food up and eat them with your back teeth instead.

If you are missing more than one front tooth, you may need to wear a partial denture (flipper) to replace your front teeth while the site is healing. Occasionally, bone grafting or even gum grafting may be required for the best esthetics. Dental Implant cases in the front of the mouth require extra care and attention to detail. As good as dental implants are, they are still not teeth and gums and bone react around them differently.

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